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From: Clement Hipple, President of Steel Seal
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Dear Friend,

Finding out your engine has a blown head gasket or cracked head puts a lot of stress on you and is another big problem you have to get taken care of right away.

If it hasn’t happened already, your engine is pumping out a HUMILIATING
cloud of white smoke as you drive.

How does it make you feel when neighbors and co-workers or even people
on the road stare at you as you pass by?

Don’t you feel embarrassed sitting at a red light with a trail of white smoke behind you, blanketing the cars behind you?

How scary would it be to be driving on the freeway and you had a sudden loss of power when you depressed the accelerator? Sudden loss of power is another serious problem that comes with having a blown head gasket.

Worse still … your engine starts to overheat now. If you’re going on a long trip or trekking through isolated or unsafe parts of town, the last thing you want to happen is your engine overheating. You certainly don’t want a loved one having to pull over to the side of the road at night because her engine overheated.

How can you reliably get to work, do errands or just get to where you want without your engine losing power … overheating … and wearing down?

Unless you take action right away – things will get worse. For example, you could ruin your engine for good, or your oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. That could mean you would have to buy an entirely new engine or car!

But if you’ve gone to a mechanic you were probably HTI WITH STICKER SHOCK when he told you they’d have to disassemble your engine to replace your blown head gasket. Depending on your situation, you could pay a whopping $5,000 for repairs! If you drive a Caddy Northstar, it would simply be cheaper to buy a new engine!

Depending on the age of your car and the number of miles on it, your mechanic bill could be more than what your car is worth to fix!

Aren’t you tired of worrying about this problem? Are you ready to get it fixed without breaking the bank? The good news is there is a solution.


Hi, my name is Clement Hipple; I’m the president of Steel Seal. My company has been in business since 1990 and has an A rating from the Better Business bureau. You can reach us at (800) 796-7968 during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, EST, to ask us questions. To date, we estimate that we’ve saved our customers over $120,000,000 in engine repair.


Our revolutionary product Steel Seal is 100% guaranteed to seal your blown head gasket or cracked cylinder. Steel Seal is backed by 3 patents from the U.S. Government Patent Office. It’s a clear liquid formula that acts as a steel sealant that closes cracks and fills gaps in your cylinders and head gasket.

  How Does Steel Seal Work?

All it takes is 3 steps – and you’re ready to get back on the road again without any problems. Plus there’s no need to see a mechanic and no disassembly required.  Look how easy this is …

First, make sure your engine is cold and then remove the radiator cap. Pour in the recommended amount of Steel Seal.

Next, turn the heater and fan on to maximum and then start your engine and run it at 1,000 RPM’s for 1 hour. Then turn your vehicle off and let it cool completely.

Leave Steel Seal in your system and drive with complete confidence. It’s truly this easy!

By following these simple steps, Steel Seal gets distributed into your engine and it reaches the damaged area and seals the crack with our proprietary thermo-chemical bonding process. The seal it creates is literally as strong as steel and withstands high temperatures and high pressure and it’s 100% guaranteed to last for the life of your engine.

        Steel Seal permanently seals blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks and heads – guaranteed!

And it won’t clog your engine either unlike other products on the market. Those products rely on floating particles, which sometimes clog engines. And when an engine reaches a high temperature, sometimes those particles dislodge from the crack and that causes the crack to split open again and then the problems come back. That’s why most products you may have tried in the past didn’t work.

Steel Seal is completely different, that’s because Steel Seal is a clear liquid that contains zero fibrous materials or particles that could clog coolant passages. Steel Seal relies only on a chemical process to seal cracks permanently.

Other brands can clog your engine.
Look at all those particles!
Look at Steel Seal’s formula. There are no particles! This is why it’s 100% safe to use for your engine.
  Who Can Use Steel Seal tm ?
Virtually everyone can, that’s because Steel Seal works in gasoline and diesel engines and is compatible with most types of antifreeze. To date, it’s being used in cars, trucks, diesels, big rigs, boats, heavy machinery and more.
  Over 500 Mechanic Shops Swear by Steel Seal tm  
Feel free to call some of these shops to see for yourself how well Steel Seal really works!
Harlem Heights Auto Repair
410 Wren Ave
Bessemer, AL 35023
Reed's Auto Service
12751 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99515
Contact: Mark
Modern Engine
701 Sonora Ave
Glendale, CA 91201
Contact: Armand
Great Bear Auto Center
9751 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Contact: Mike
Rick & Sons Auto
5733 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Contact: Rick
Brush Auto Repair
500 Edison St
Brush , CO 80723
Contact: Stan
Gervais Brothers
166 Whiting
StPlainville, CT 06062
Contact: Jackie
Southern Comfort Auto
6202 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL 33625
Contact: TJ
Atlanta General Tire
456 Gwinett Dr
Lawrenceville, GA 30045 Contact: Scott
Cold Spring Amoco
1106 E Cold Spring Ln
Baltimore, MD 21239
Contact: Sam

Plus, 138 shops/parts stores in the United Kingdom recommend Steel Seal.

If you like, you can contact one of these shops to do the actual treatment of Steel Seal for you. However, our process is just 3 easy steps and you can easily do it yourself.

  What Customers are Saying About Steel Seal tm  
5,000 Miles With Zero Problems!
“Used Steel Seal on my '94 Honda Civic when I was told I had a blown head gasket and a cracked head. The next day I drove 28 straight hours from Bangor, Maine to New Orleans, Louisiana. The day after I drove to Florida where I cruised around for two weeks before driving the 1800 miles back to Maine. In all, I put 5,000 miles on that engine in 3 weeks without any problems at all and I'm still driving as if there never was a problem in the first place.”
  Rick Cortis, Bangor, Maine
40,000 Miles With Zero Problems!
“I wanted to thank you. Over a year ago I had the head on my Aerostar V6 "blow" (water was dumping out of the driver side front corner so bad they couldn't pressure test it). A mechanic friend told me about your product (he read about it in an industry magazine). I called at 4:30p pm your time, by 11:00 am the next day I had two bottles in New Orleans. By the end of that day the vehicle was back on the road. It is now 40,000 miles later and no problems. Thanks again, this is a work vehicle and I was looking at buying a new vehicle. Instead I spend about a hundred bucks on your product and was back on the road faster than I could have bought a vehicle much less fix the old one.”
  Andrew Miller, New Orleans, Louisiana
Saved a Bundle in Repair Costs!
“I used this product in my Subaru 5 years ago to seal a head gasket leak. Worked like a charm! Original Testimonial: Many thanks for saving me a bundle on my Subaru Legacy. The directions were simple and with college tuition staring at me, I was in a panic at the cost to get the head gaskets replaced. I am thankful to your link to my questions about overheats and blown head gaskets. I hope you guys have a ton of stories like mine for your great product!”
  Mark Krimm, Chicago, Illinois
20,000 km Since Steel Seal – Everything Works Fine
“Extremely good product. My head gasket in Acura Legend 1992 was replaced twice without effect. Steel Seal helped instantly. I've done 20,000 km and everything works fine. It took me two years to fix my Acura Legend and I can say that this product is a real solution for the toughest technical problem considering pressures and temperatures where it works.”
  Jan Hoppe, Rotterdam, Holland
800-Mile Trip Across the Desert with
No Problems!

“Thanks for the great service! I ordered Steel Seal
and when the bottle arrived it had been broken in shipping. You guys fired out another bottle, which arrived faster than the first shipment! My '98 Subaru had a blown head gasket and I had to add about a pint of antifreeze every 15 miles of travel. After adding the Steel Seal I needed to make a trip of 800 miles across the Washington desert. It's been over 2000 miles now and no problems! Great service! And a great product!”
  TG Stewart, Vancouver, Washington
Steel Seal Honors Their Claims
“It is refreshing to work with folks of integrity and honesty. My son and I worked with the folks at Steel Seal in an attempt to repair our overheated Ford Ranger 3.0L. During the process, the Steel Seal staff were quick to respond with answers and advice for the application. Unfortunately, our engine damage was beyond reach even for Steel Seal. I emailed them to request a refund, halfway expecting to hear that we must not have followed the directions and was therefore not eligible for the refund. My check arrived a couple of days later. Too many times, internet Money Back guarantees are worth less that the effort it takes to type it on the website. I appreciate the professional support and admire the "true to their word" folks at Steel Seal.”
  Curtis and Josh Wilson, Seabrook, Texas
2 Years Later and No Problems!
“I had given up on my old Datsun 280ZX in August 2006 after my husband, who is an automotive engineer, confirmed I had a blown head gasket. He said, “Go ahead and try it. We are going to have to take it apart anyway.” I am NOT a mechanic. I followed the instructions and it is over 2 years and thousands of miles later and I am still riding around. Thanks for a great product.”
  Nancy Cochrane, Ohio
15,000 Miles Across the Outback!
“I am one very satisfied Australian customer.
I bought and used this product on my overheating 1978 Toyota “Troopy” nine months ago and the results are amazing. Over 15,000 miles in the Outback and still no leaks or overheating.”
  Mal Coffey, Australia
Successful 700 Mile Journey
“A few months ago I used your steel seal product to try to repair a leaking head gasket on my Jeep Cherokee which i discovered just before making a
700 mile journey from the UK to Poland.... I am very pleased to report that the product did exactly what it promised on the bottle, and I drove it 700 miles without any problem, and its clocked up several thousand miles since then with no sign of any of the previous problems.”
  Jan Greenwood, United Kingdom
5 Years Since – It Works!
“We have been using your product for over 5 years and it has never failed to correct the problem, if the head was cracked or the head gasket blown, it works like magic.”
  Ron Hall, Ron Hall’s Service Center, Nashville, Tennesee

As an owner of Steel Seal, you’re in good company because we have over 200 testimonial letters on file. No other product on the market has this many satisfied customers.

When you use Steel Seal, there’s no need to worry about outrageous repair bills or being without a car for 2 to 3 days till the repair shop fixes it. While other people fret, pay too much, and are side lined, you can have your head gasket and cracked cylinder permanently repaired in 1 hour … and you can be back on the road that same day!

46 Unedited Reviews From Our Google Checkout Customers We Score a 4.4 out of 5 Rating!

Before I show you what Steel Seal is valued at, let me summarize everything you’re getting when you try it.

In one hour your engine can be running without problems.
You’ll save money on repairs and on buying a new engine or car.
Steel Seal has been awarded 3 U.S. Government Patents.
Steel Seal has been featured on Scotty Kilmer’s Car Talk Show.
Steel Seal is backed by 200 testimonials.
Steel Seal is backed by 500 mechanic recommendations.
Steel Seal is backed by over 1500 shops/parts stores in the United Kingdom.
New, easier 3-step treatment process.
You get free technical support should you have any questions.
Your purchase of Steel Seal is backed by a satisfaction guarantee
Steal Seal is yours for just $89.99 for a 4 cylinder engine; $99.99 for a 6 cylinder engine; or $109.99 for an 8 cylinder engine.


This product pays for itself! Here’s the exciting part:

You can try Steel Seal for FREE for 30 days before your credit card is billed

This puts you in complete control – you call the shots.

  Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee
  I won’t mince words when I say that Steel Seal must 100% seal and fix your damaged head-gasket or you owe nothing! Prove it … put Steel Seal to the test and watch as your engine purrs like new again without leaks, without smoke, without problems … put some miles on it and you’ll soon realize. your head-gasket is as if brand new!  

I’m putting my personal and professional reputation on the line to prove this product works as claimed. I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with the results that I’m giving you an extended lifetime guarantee on top of the 30-day free trial. Your fixed head-gasket must work for as long as you own the engine or vehicle … or let our office know and we’ll immediately issue you a full refund minus shipping and handling.

When I claim this product literally seals your head gasket and cracked cylinder … as strong as steel … and permanently – I mean it. That’s why I’m backing it with this lifetime money back guarantee!

Your word is gold here and that’s the way business ought to be. Once you try Steel Seal, I’m confident you’ll tell others how well it worked for you – it’s truly that amazing!

  More Steel Seal tm Success Stories
When Gary Schmidt, a disabled 60-year old on Social Security found his 2002 Ford Windstar mini van had blown a gasket, he didn’t know what he was going to do. His engine had a total of 190,000 miles on it. Taking it to the shop would cost more than the van was worth. Luckily, Gary heard about Steel Seal, tried it and his engine has been running fine ever since!
Meet Margaret Dischler, a single mom from Tennessee whose car had a leaking intake manifold gasket. She was in dire straits when the problem happened because she relied on her car to regularly take 1,000-mile road trips from Tennessee to Iowa to see a neurosurgeon for her daughter. She tried Steel Seal, and now she drives without any problems.
Jody Haworth from Texas got an unpleasant surprise when her mechanic told her to ditch her 1998 Cadillac DeVille after it had a damaged head gasket. She didn’t know what to do, till she found out about Steel Seal. After she tried it, her car runs great now and she didn’t have to take out a loan to fix her car!
Wouldn’t you like to have results like this?
  How to Order Steel Seal tm  

It’s easy to try Steel Seal. Have your credit card handy and click the “Add to Cart” button below to place your order. It’s safer to use your credit card here than at a 5-star restaurant. After you place your order, you’ll immediately receive an emailed receipt of your order and Steel Seal will be sent to your address. Your credit card will NOT be billed till after 30 days. You’ll be so glad you tried it. I guarantee it.


Clement Hipple President, Steel Seal

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and an incredible savings to gain … plus you can be back on the road confidently the very same day! There’s absolutely nothing to decide, that’s because you can actually try Steel Seal 100% FREE for 30 days. It must work or you owe nothing! Simple as that. Why not give Steel Seal a try today?